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Artemide offers a comprehensive service for contract projects developed on a multiple of levels. We aim to design both customized solutions starting from existing products, as well as propose and manufacture bespoke solutions.

A dedicated in-house department, in cooperation with the research, development and innovation team, takes care of custom designed projects and develops individual solutions.The optoelectronic innovation skills, the technological know-how, and the high-quality manufacturing of Artemide are available for customers and designers to implement in 360° projects, to help design products, as well as the behaviour of light in space.

We traditionally establish important partnerships with international architecture or lighting design firms and with top brands, which result into unique solutions, often interesting from the cultural perspective and for the research they stimulate. Many of these collaboration have triggered the process for development of some of the existing products now in the catalogue.
Includes products which are designed for one particular project, a unique bespoken solution.
Includes products which have been modified to better fit a particular project. It may involve the transformation of existing products into newer versions, forms, dimensions, control modes, lighting performances, technical specifications,or installation features.
Comprises products better fit for contract and coordinated projects. In this category are placed a variety of products that are conceived to act as open and modular platforms, in order to meet the requirements of individual architectural and functional spaces with utmost flexibility.


The latest entries are the result of technological patented research and of collaborations with outstanding brands and names of international architecture and design. Values, competences, and manufacturing skills are translated into innovative products that open up new scenarios in the lighting sector.

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A technology that combines sanitizing efficacy with luminous performance and beautiful design.

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An immediate and intuitive interface for the management of individual products, groups of devices or lighting scenarios.

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